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POSTED BY: Samson Brands on Friday, November 12, 2010

Here at SamsonBrands, we're a very family orientated type of people, and we simply can't help but embrace our health crazed life style and constantly strive to encourage those around us to follow suit. It truly is something we take to heart for the sole and single fact that WE FEEL SO GREAT!!

     We all got into a riveting conversation at our office this morning after a customer of ours mentioned an experience she had yesterday afternoon. She was talking to some other mothers yesterday while picking her children up from school, and she relayed some of the nutrition and health information that they were discussing amongst themselves. It really amazed us what rubbish some parents give their children, and unfortunately how misinformed so many parents are in regards to proper nutrition. Case in point was the preference for commercialized juice– you know, the stuff that gets advertised all the time on TV, squarely aimed at kids since it's on in the afternoon and early evening. All of this stuff is absolute junk! It’s so full and loaded with sugar, additives and artificial junk. Unfortunately, many good loving parents fall victim to the carefully worded advertising campaigns of these big name juice companies with their appealing commercials, recognizable brand names and eye catching packaging.

     This got us turning the gears in our head and wondering, what's wrong with providing our family members and children with organic fruit puree juices? You can buy all of your favorite ingredients right at your local grocery store, and guess what, it’s 100% natural fruit juice! But why not make it anytime you desire at your own home? All you need is a trusty Samson Juicer; such as the Samson Advanced or GB-9001 Single auger juicers. You can even get yourself the GreenPower KPE-1304, a fantastic twin-gear juicer. Both juicers even come with such a reliable and bullet-proof warranty, so you’re sure to be able to experiment with your friends and family on all of the endless juice concoctions you can possibly create for many years to come!

     Simply get yourself a nice supply of your favorite fruits and/or vegetables and you can make the most deliciously healthy and tasty juice whenever you or your children want it. Because it is fresh, it really does taste a whole load better, and hey, those beneficial nutrients that you want your children to have are actually there in the juice you’re giving them! Another important thing to note, if your child doesn’t like eating fruits and vegetables, which lets face it, many of us adults don’t either, they may like juicing! We’ve had countless customers who are unable to tolerate the texture of vegetables in their mouth as it induces their gag reflex. With the use of a Samson Juicer, they’re able to drink all of the nutrients they’d otherwise miss out on, completely pain free!


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